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Lampje has been turned on!
- In-game name : Lampje.
- In-game XP : around 5k
- Which language(s) do you speak ? : Dutch, English and decent German
- Steam : Yes
- Discord : Yes (don't use it)
- Why would you like to join our community:

Real name is Alwin, 21 year old Dutch man, but I think some of you mainly knew me by the name ' Lampje '
Have great memories about this clan and ET, joined when DC was already a pretty big clan. Had so much fun with so many players, sad that it faded away. Great to see some people coming back!
I can recall being the Co-Leader from DC*Beginners for a while and managing the recruitment. God that was a great time!


Heya mate, im so happy to see u in here

Accepted ofc!

We'll talk soon @ discord
Welcome, cant wait to play some games with u Smile
I am very busy at the moment, so can take a while Sad

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