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Tungsten Carbide Inserts
King-Long Brand Rock Drilling Tools
A: 50 Years Rock Drilling Production Experience;
B: Country-owned Enterprise Built in year of 1970.
C: 20 Years Drill Steels Study Research Efforts.
D: 10 Years Tungsten Carbides Study Research.
E: 20 Years Sophisticated Production Experience and Rock Drilling Business Service more than 25 countries all around the world.
China King-Long Material is proud to introduce King-Long Bolting Drill Tungsten Carbide Tips: King-Long Bolting Drill Steels are made from the high steel you can have ever come to expect from China supplier and factories. Our King-Long Brand King-Long Tungsten Carbide Tips have state-of-the-art treatment is unique- charming and phosphating- manufactured to close tolerances. Our rigorous quality controls at all our manufacturing units ensure that King-Long Brand
Brief Introduction
YK05 is our basic cemented carbide grade used for most drilling conditions, this should be your first choice, especially for drilling in rock which has unknown properties. A spherical insert made of higher grade has a toughness/wear resistance ratio optimized to withstand both high load and wear: We can it USA T Cemented Carbides.
King-Long Tungsten Carbide Tips using dedicated customer-made carbide grades for all materials and conditions to make sure optimal productivity and long service of tool life.
King-Long Tungsten Carbide Tips have various tip geometries, body shapes and mechanisms to satisfy your needs.
Photos of KING-LONG Brand King-Long Tungsten Carbide TipsTungsten Carbide Inserts

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