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low price BBQ Charcoal
No smoke no smell hexagonal BBQ charcoal
1.  Product Introduction
We produced hexagon charcoal, made by carbonized wood powder, compressed to the hexagon shape with  mould.
The charcoal is: No spark, no smoke, no smell
High carbon content
High calorific value
Long burning time
2.  Product Parameter (specification)
Ash Content<5%
Raw MaterialCoconut shell powder
    Fruit wood powder
Bamboo powder
      Pine wood powder
Size 40X100-40X400mm
Calorific Value7200kcal/kg
Burning Time4 hours
Volatile MatterAbout 20%
Carbon ContentAbout 75%
1X20GP ContainAbout 18 metric tons
1X40HC ContainAbout 26 metric tons
3.  Product feature and application
3.1: Feature: No smoke, no spark, no flame, high calorific value, long burning  time.
3.2: Application: Barbecue(BBQ), House Heating, Industry(metallurgy)
4.  Production details
4.1 Image

4.2 Video
(2)Charcoal Burning
(3)Product Show
5.  Product qualification
                             Material                                                     Transferring Material

                           Equipment                                                             Bulk Charcoal

                        Our Team Show                                                          Fair Show

                                                                  Intertek Test Report
6.  Deliver,shipping and serving
low price BBQ Charcoal

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