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China Quality Artemia Cysts suppliers
1. Product Instruction

Artemia cysts are the fantastic fodder for shrimps, crabs, fishes and other artificial seedlings which have rich nutrition like protein, lysine, and crude fat and etc. Thus, they are the wonderful fodder for baby shrimps, fishes and crabs. Our products are carefully screened and processed with the use of the most advanced processing equipment and technology, therefore they have no impurity and high nutrition.
2. Product Advantage
Our company uses the advanced low temperature drying technique and production technology to purify, freeze, test (hatching rate), remit, steep, dry, and pack artemia cysts, then they are screened and processed carefully. After that, our products have no impurity, but have plentiful nutrition, high hatching rate, and strong adaptability to the hostile environment. All above, the hatching rate of our products can reach 90% if you take the correct method.

3. Product Source Area
The quality of artemia cysts in Aral Sea are the best except those in Bohai Bay, whose natural hatching rate can be over 80% when temperature reaches 32℃ without adding oxygen producer like the artemia cysts in Bohai Bay. The The artemia cyst in Aral Sea has high quality and high nutritive value.

4. Instruction for Hatching
Hatching condition: Temperature:28-30℃, PH value: 8-9, Water: seawater 2-3%
Illumination: 1000-2000LX  continuous lighting
Aerification: pouring 200ml water and 0.25g ovum into the the tapered glass tube to hatch. The aeration rate is decreasing from beginning to the end of the process, and the ovum drifts in the water adequately
· Time:24h
· Store: around 0℃ ,avoid direct sunlight
China Quality Artemia Cysts suppliers

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