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bonjour from ETC| guys :)
Hola amigos!

im lordness from etc and want to say hellllooooo to your Community.
My bro and me from etc < ETc|A^G0Dne$$?)  |he|/  ETc|A^LorDnesS?) |me|  > started to play sometimes there (if u can see it by our xp haha)

Just inf and give probs for your nice server, sad that DC is not active anymore, we know some guys from our old clan there we are also (-TWC|)

think some guys know us under TWC|REXXUS (me) and TWC|OLDWOLF aka TWC|NICK (him)

Maybe see us sometimes on server Smile.
Heya man, nice to see that ur on our forums Wink


See ya ingame

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