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server issue
Dear all

There is issue in nodownload server... there is only oasis can played if i try to change map and vote nextmap there is again starting oasis, 
please someone can fix this problem.
I have another question also: I tryed to move some bots from allied team to axis team to play alone against bots but it wont let 
If  i tried !put alterego r it wont work Sad

Maybe someone can help me :Smile

Elisa :*
Maybe that is because you don't have admin level in server yet...

EDIT: And about the mapcycle me or BenZin will look into that Wink
[Image: i42Nog7.png]
Hey DeviasSmile Im level 9 member( benzin makes me already). I tried to move bot to another team and then he join another team but some other bot rejoin with my team then..
any help about it ?
Ye its its the autobalance, ill change it as soon ass possible
Map rotation is fixxed
Bots are fixxed to mate!

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