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Hi guys,

Since i'm spending more and more time in the game again, i want some suggestions for the 'Beginners' server.
I wan't to create a server that is on a different level than other existing servers.

Tell me what you want and maybe we can create something new!

also i really want to play ETPro competitively  Wink Wink
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New maps, but they dont get played much since they are new...
So new/old players dont know new maps and they dont like to play new shit which is a shame tbh....

Maybe some more promotion and maybe some ETPRO scrim team?
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well, im kinda fine with adding a scrim server since we do have enough space.
But its a bit useless to add a scrim server if we dont have active members :p
And if we dont find members, we wont be able to make a scrim team

Conclusion : i like ur idea but well ye we need some ppl first of all
Well, im glad you take it in to consideration...
Maybe we should get on some more active ET forums/sites to get people interested!?
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Quote: maybe some ETPRO scrim team?

Huge thumbs up for this one, I'm in if you're going to build a team Smile
We can allways set up a 3 to 6 man team with the people who are playing right now Smile
And we need to do the FB ET page thingieee
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@Narktotaal, u should just join DC man, not only the scrim team Wink

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