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Hello, I played in your server for a bit and I noticed that the mapcycle seems to be stuck. The only playable map at the moment is Oasis.

btw, nice work with the server Smile   I think you'll see me playing there in the future :p Keep it up!

Welcome at our server!, thanks for letting us know, I will take a look at it asap.
Fixed. Let me know if there is anything else.
Okay, so I played some more, I've noticed some more bugs. You can walk into your teammates landmines, they do explode but you don't take any damage and the bots are spamming !resetmyxp and I think the reason why thats not working is that the level 0 default has no access to that command :p
So nothing major, but something I noticed.

Tnx mate! Will be changed today!!
Oh and also artillery is kinda broken too, it has currently no cooldown
Thanks for letting us know, currently working on the levels. the bots XP resetting is fixed. We gave them a XP limit thats why they reset theire XP after a time... but they didn't have the permission to do so.

About the landmines and artillery, I'll try to fix that later today after work. Smile

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