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Apply Grizzly - schemerlicht - 02-09-2019

Hey there
- Real name: Vic
- Age: 21
- Birthday: 04/12/1997
- In-game name : schemerlicht
- In-game XP : I'm level 30 on League, not decently ranked yet since I've just started playing since August 2017
- Which language(s) do you speak ? : Dutch (Flemish) mothertongue, pretty good English, decent French and a little German too.
- Steam : still no, just like ages ago
- Discord : #2514
- Why would you like to join our community: I've been here before, you guys know me. DC was a big part of my life back then, since my parents weren't home much. What has it been, like 6 years? 
I want to mean something to this community again, since it's meant so much to me in the past.

Really excited to experience this again!!!

I don't know if I could be go back to playing ET since I've got a 45 hour a week job and a partner. But I'll try to!!!

Loads of love,


RE: Apply Grizzly - BenZin - 02-09-2019

Heya mate, nice to see u in here!
Ur accepted Wink


RE: Apply Grizzly - schemerlicht - 02-10-2019

(02-09-2019, 11:41 PM)BenZin Wrote: Heya mate, nice to see u in here!
Ur accepted Wink


Thank you very much!

RE: Apply Grizzly - Nefarious - 05-09-2019

Welcome back matey!