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We are back! - BenZin - 01-25-2019

Dear friends

As u can see, DC is back online!
We restarted our Beginners server @ Wolfenstein Enemy territory.
Our goal is to rebuild the community like it was some years ago.
It would be lovely if our old members find their way back, mixed with some new people.

Our objectives :

- Try to make our ET server active again
- Make a LOL team to play together for fun or to play ranked games
- Become active in 1 or 2 more games (suggestions are welcome)

See you ingame!!

RE: We are back! - Lampje. - 04-03-2019

Great to see this clan being revived, have so many good memories from playing ET with a bunch of DC members. I just downloaded ET again, don't have a lot of time, due to my study, but I do play sometimes on the server!

hope to see you guys in there some times! because killings bots is becoming rather easy :p

RE: We are back! - BenZin - 04-05-2019

Heya mate, nice to see that u found ur way to our forums Wink
Im kinda bussy to atm, but ye i hope we can spend some time together fragging at our server!!!!

Cya soon mate

RE: We are back! - Nefarious - 05-09-2019

Hi there, s!xpack/silverdom here, I hope you guys remember me! Smile I'll be online @ Sunday due vacation. I really want to help you guys getting everything back on track.

Good to see DC BACK! Smile